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Part 1 — Binance Futures and Spot Markets via Zignaly

6 min readJul 1, 2020
Cryptocurrencies Copy Trading on Binance via Zignaly
% based comparison of the BTC Perpetual Futures system performance vs. BTC buy-and-hold from January 2016 to June 2020

Service Description

“Wall Street never changes, the pockets change, the suckers change, the stocks change, but Wall Street never changes, because human nature never changes.” — Jesse Lauriston Livermore

Starting from today, I am offering two different types of copy trading services via the Zignaly crypto copy trading platform:

  • BTCUSDT Perpetual on Binance Futures
  • ALTCOINS / USDt on Binance Spot Markets

Both these systems have historically obtained returns well above the market with much lower drawdowns, and have been thoroughly tested (and traded) for years.

I have decided to do this now as finally some pretty decent copy-trading platforms have been developed, allowing me to offer this without having to compromise on anything in terms of precise trade management.

Zignaly does not just send signals to a chat that you can then manually copy in your own account, but actually allows you (if that is what you want) to put everything on autopilot and let me manage positions in every aspect, and this is an extremely important difference compared to your average signal group, as I will take care not just of entry and exits, but also risk and money management, both aspects crucial to the success of the system in the long run. Also, I will put my money where my mouth is, as I will be doing exactly the same trades in my accounts.

Obviously, your money will stay on the exchange and neither I nor the copy-trading software can touch it (however you should do your own due diligence on any third-party service and/or software involved in this process), as everything that we are going to use is connected via APIs without withdrawal permission, and there is technically no way that someone aside from you can touch your account’s money through this system.

How the Zignaly Platform (Crypto Copy Trading) Works

Copy trading on the Zignaly platform works with proportional position size. This means that you’ll always get the same % results as the expert trader you are copying.
Let’s say the copied trader has allocated a total of 0.1 BTC and you have only 0.01 BTC, if the trader opens a position with 10% of the balance, he’ll use 0.01 BTC and the position opened on your account will be with 0.001 BTC. If the trader gets a profit of +10% when this position closes, you’ll have the same profit +10%, but based on your balance.

Cryptocurrencies  Copy Trading on Binance via Zignaly
How copy trading works on the Zignaly platform

Each strategy will have a minimal amount to copy, so you will just need to allocate an amount equivalent to this minimum or more.

Is This For You?

Cryptocurrencies Copy Trading on Binance via Zignaly
Here we don’t try to make predictions (guess what, no one can!), instead, we react to the market in the moment of now

I believe this targets relatively sophisticated investors, people that are not looking for a get rich quick scheme, but that at the same time understand the highly speculative nature of crypto-trading, have a quite clear picture of the opportunities and risks involved and possibly have traded their own account for some time.

You might use this service to hedge your crypto holdings if you want to, but there isn’t anything as a “hodler” mindset here. This is a zero-sum game and we trade to win in the long run.

The systems traded, the BTC Perpetual and the Altcoins one, will be exactly the same that I have extensively backtested, forward-tested, and used for many years and have proved to be effective both in bull and bear markets.

You can now click on the links below, where I provide a detailed description of what you can expect from these systems, with some insight on the rationale beyond them, and details regarding their past performance, how to copy them, and their pricing, or you can keep reading below if you want to know more about me and my motivations:

About Me

An oceanographer might know everything about the Ocean, but it still takes a surfer to ride its waves. — CryptoLivermore

Cryptocurrencies Copy Trading on Binance via Zignaly
Jesse Lauriston Livermore — the legendary trader that has inspired my avatar, and many Market Wizards before me

I am a full-time trader specialized in the crypto markets, and I have got involved in crypto for the first time in 2014. During these years I have experimented with different aspects of the crypto space, from mining to stacking, etc, but I have soon realized that crypto was the perfect playground for trading.
I have subsequently proceeded (in the course of years and thousands of hours of studying, testing, and personal development) to determine what were the main factors that would have made a successful trading system and created and battle-tested the systems that I am making available to you today.

Why I am Doing This

Since making money for its own sake has never been a great attraction to me (what drives me is the mind game beyond the trading activity as a never-ending process of self-mastery), I have been considering for a long time the possibility of setting up a hedge fund, in order to make my skills available to other people and finding in this the drive to keep developing and improving myself. However, traditional hedge funds are extremely time-consuming and difficult to set up, and are overall conceptually much closer to an old financial system rather than to the crypto ethos, reason why I have never been convinced enough by that type of solution to actually pull the trigger.

I have also considered other more traditional crypto copy trading solutions, such as e-Toro, but I have never liked all the limitation that comes with them, which completely defeated the purpose of the platform in the very first place. Therefore I have been actively looking for some solutions more up to date and especially more in line with the crypto ethos and that actually help the trader offering his/her services in the best possible way, rather than limiting the options, and I have finally found this in the platform that we will be using.

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Cryptocurrencies Copy Trading on Binance via Zignaly

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I am a full-time trader specialized in the crypto markets, now offering crypto copy trading services