Zignaly Providers Monthly Recap (August)

3 min readSep 8, 2022

August has been chiefly a sideways month with some sign of directional movement only at the beginning of September.

While the BTC Futures Provider is looking good and potentially set for a home run if the current move accelerates, the ETH Futures Provider has been struggling with this sideways since the volatility in Ethereum has been way higher compared to Bitcoin.

BTC Futures
The BTC Futures Provider entered its most recent short trade around half of August and it is currently showing a nice profit and possibly positioned to catch an outlier depending on what the BTC price action will be in the coming weeks.

The BTC Futures Provider potentially set for a new account ATH

While BTC is currently sitting below the 2017 ATH level, the BTC Futures Provider has once again proven to be not just effective when capturing profits during up-trending markets, but an incredible hedge at times when pretty much everything, not just crypto, is going downhill, and this as some of you might now, will make all the difference in terms of performances in the long term.

ETH Futures
While performing better than the BTC Futures Provider during the month of July, ETH Futures has been struggling a bit this month (once again proving how important it is to be diversified among the two systems) due to the viciously volatile sideways that Ethereum has been going through.

The ETH Futures Provider has been struggling with the most recent sideways

As also explained in the system documentation, however, higher volatility is to be expected from this system, which has already proven to be able to capture some amazing moves, like the over +100% profit generated through the short trade carried between June and July, so it is just a matter of time before the market condition will again turn in our favor.

Just a short recap from this month to keep you guys up to date with what is going on.

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