Zignaly Providers Monthly Recap (June) — 2 years on Zignaly!

This monthly update is going to be a bit different since this signs our second full year of trading on Zignaly! Yep, time does go fast. Get ready because this is going to be a pretty long one!

All the recaps from now on will be issued as both Twitter threads and Medium posts, since I believe that doing this will both offer more transparency, but also offer an opportunity for new followers to get a very good idea of how the month to month progress of the providers can feel like, something that Medium enables since the articles are easily searchable for future reference, unlike Twitter threads.

I will start this recap with a brief review of how the providers have performed and then will address some considerations that I have and plans for the future.

BTC Futures
So, let’s start with the BTC Futures provider. While this Provider has in general achieved great performances, last but not least during the current BTC drop which has represented one of our best trades of the past few months registering an over +30% profit, I feel bittersweet about this Provider, and I will explain why.

BTC Futures Provider results on Zignaly as per the 14th of July 2022

The bitter part is due to the fact that because of the Provider’s transition from Copy-Trading to Profit-Sharing and because of some technical limitations the Zignaly platform presented in the beginning (Of course that’s normal for a new platform and I am not blaming them, these guys have pioneered crypto-copy trading and that’s awesome!) it has not been possible to trade the system to its full potential for the initial months of activity, and because this has also coincided with a period when the system would have otherwise performed some its best trades, right at the beginning of the 2020 bull market, as a result, the Provider’s performances have been heavily hindered, and what should have been a total return of almost 2000% since inception (July 2020 — July 2022) at this point, placing us by a wide margin at the top of the Profit-sharing ranking, has only turned out in an about 90% returns at the time of writing.

The sweet part however is related to how the BTC Futures Provider has handled the very long sideways period that has developed between March 2021 and approximately March 2022, which (we now know) has signed the top of this last crypto bull market.

In fact, even though facing this very long period of sub-optimal market condition (long sideways), the system has been able to keep the drawdown level within -39%, while also managing to perform a +31% trade just recently while BTC was dropping from over $30,000 to less than $20,000 (and over -70% overall), allowing the Provider to recover most of the previous drawdown, and taking again the account close to its previous ATH.

BTC has dropped well over -70% since its brief top in November 2021 while during the same period the strategy has registered a max drawdown of just -39% and already recovered most of it.

Of course, being able to profit while the underlying asset is losing most of its capitalization is a major edge that will also give us a great starting point (increased rather than heavily reduced capital) when a new bull market will eventually start.

Altcoins Spot Market
Coming now to the Altcoins Spot Markets Provider, this has proven to be by far the most popular of my systems on Zignaly and also the one with the best performance on the Platform as of today, with its +291% return that put in the Profit-Sharing top 5–10.

The Altcoins Spot Provider is currently in a “shut-down-phase”

Due to the current market conditions, and being this a spot provider (hence long only), the Altcoins Spot Market Provider officially entered a so called “shut-down-phase” just a few weeks ago (you can read more about this on my ), which means that for the time being trading for this Provider is halted and will resume as soon as the market conditions will be favorable again, in fact, I have to all the followers copying it to split their funds between the two Futures Provider in the meantime (BTC and ETH).

I am overall happy with this system since it has been able to perform well, experiencing very reduced drawdown (max -30%) even though trading some of the most volatile assets in existence (altcoins), and demonstrating to be able to also manage the downside extremely well too while, for example, one of the last bull market darlings Solana, is down about -90% during the same period.

Solana down about -90% from its previous top

There is a possibility that an Altcoins Futures Provider could be offered in the future, but this doesn’t mean that the Altcoins Spot Markets Provider will have to be replaced, the two could in fact simply co-exist.

This however is still just a possibility and part of potential future development.

ETH Futures
Finally coming to my first fully automated strategy (as some of you might know, all of my strategies are systematic but this was the first fully automated one) the ETH Futures Provider, which has definitely experienced some very interesting months!

The ETH Futures Provider currently showing some open profit from the most recent short trade

The timing related to when this Provider has been launched on the Zignaly platform (which of course is pretty much due to luck/randomness) could have not been worst in insight, since it happened right at the beginning of the choppiest part of the above mentioned sideways.

This has resulted in the ETH Futures Provider experiencing its second worst drawdown “right off the bat” (-38%), which however has now been fully recovered with some profits on top too, all while Ethereum itself has experienced a drawdown equivalent to over -70% during the same period.

It didn’t come as a surprise (this is by design) that this was going to be my most volatile Provider, but of course, seeing it in action is always a bit different, so it has been a great gratification to see it handling this current market drop really well, proving that when the right market conditions are there, this system is indeed ready to make the most out of them.

A Special Thanks to My Followers
A little but important note about my followers now.

There have been plenty of ups and downs in crypto during these two years (quite literally) and it has been amazing to see the community of people that has formed around the providers, and gradually consolidated.

Honored to have been your guide while navigating these crypto markets!

I feel genuine pride for what you all have achieved, since you have shown to be able to stick to proven systems even during less favorable times (which, as I am sure most of you will know by now, is the only way to benefit when the tide turns in our favor again) and to keep a long term horizon in mind, both traits typical of the very best traders, and I can guarantee you, not common.

So, kudos to you guys (and girls if there are any!), thank you for helping me helping you during the past two years on this platform!

Potential Future Development
Ok, this has got long enough, so to conclude I would like to touch upon some future plans and developments.

The first thing is that, as just mentioned above, having witnessed in first person how important it is to be surrounded by the right people, I will make an effort in the future to attract more of the same financially literate, emotionally intelligent, and supportive type of followers that are in for the long run, knowing that the only way to create generational wealth is to give their money a chance to work for them.

In this sense I will try to be more active, for example running the occasional AMA, since I believe that the current market conditions are the best to connect with such people, as notoriously bear markets tend to attract quality participants to the space.

The second element that I am considering is to put together and offer a “trading course”, however, this would have very little to do with other trading courses that you might have seen around, and it would mostly be focused on what I and some other people call “the trading principles”, plus the psychological and personality aspects of trading, included but not limited to the amount of effort and dedication that this endeavor takes, and would include some personal real-life experience too.

Let’s keep that skew positive

A part relative to how to set up an actual system would be included too, but mostly to show how to implement and put into practice all the content shown in the course and put you on the path to develop your own strategies, and/or accustom you to the mindset and the type of thinking needed to recognize with more ease what strategies could be worth investing in, while also succeed at sticking to them.

So what do you think, would you find some AMAs useful? What topics would you like me to discuss?

Would a course such as the one described interest you and be worth your time?

Let me know in the comments below, your feedback is much appreciated!

Hope you have enjoyed this occasional longer recap and looking forward to another successful year on Zignaly!

As usual, if you have any inquiries, suggestions, or doubts, feel free to DM me on or .

Please clap and share this article if you have found it interesting, thank you for your support!



I am a full-time trader specialized in the crypto markets, now offering crypto copy trading services

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I am a full-time trader specialized in the crypto markets, now offering crypto copy trading services